Victorian Christmas Box

A Victorian Christmas Box!

Eva and Theo were excited recently to post their letters to Father Christmas in the genuine Victorian postbox has now been installed at the Church.

The postbox was originally located at the Elk Inn (now Ruby’s) where it served the area for at least 120 years. When the Dundonald Memories Facebook page highlighted its removal, John Campbell (pictured) was able to trace the box with the help of Elk Inn and Royal Mail staff. Now it has been brought out of storage and moved to its new home in the church’s perimeter wall on Church Road.

John is pleased that the box is back home in Dundonald: “Some may find it strange to regard an inanimate object with so much affection, but this postbox is a piece of history that has served the people of Dundonald through two World Wars, four coronations, the first powered flight and the exploration of space.”

We in DPC are certainly delighted to be able to host this piece of Dundonald’s history on behalf of the local community. Given that our own church building and the adjoining old National School also date from the Victorian era, this is a fitting setting for the postbox’s retirement. The box is displayed in its original colours of black and gold to indicate that it is no longer in use – let’s hope Theo and Eva’s letters to Santa arrive ok!

As well as looking forward to Santa’s arrival, the children can’t wait to take part in the nativity service on 23rd December at the church – why not come along and see them in action? Like Christmases of old, there will also be carols by candlelight on the 23rd at 6pm. Everyone is welcome to come and rejoice in the good news of the Christmas story and enjoy some festive cheer together!